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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
work meaning in tamil is வேலை

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Rs.88 lakh work implemented Development works worth Rs.88 lakhs had been implemented through joint forest committees in all forest divisions last year. Complimenting the jawans for their good work he advised them to continue to work with the same efficiency coordination and spirit to keep the flag of MLIRC flying high. Development work taken up in Hassan Lok Sabha Constituency was the reason for the Janata Dal S victory according to Public Works Minister H.D. Revanna. Official sources indicated that repair work was under way in 7.5 metres of the total 13.5 metres width of the bridge on the Thirumanilayur side. The Centres officials were at the bridge recently and expected to be back once the Highways officials intimated completion of the repair work to them later this week. You feel that you are transported back in time Taken to a picturesque village where young men work from dawn to dusk their feet caked with soil. And the women were not even allowed to wear their thali as the white managers saw it interfering with their work with tender rubber seedlings she explains. Prospective voters who opt for remote voting are also likely to be people who dont always reside in a locality for reasons of work and a soft target for proxy voters Mr. Many from the higher income groups either do not bother to vote or do not enrol themselves as voters and in the case of IT and ITES professionals their work schedules may keep them away from polling booths on the election day. However equally sensitive work is being done in our establishments too and unless a topdown platform is mooted security may still be inequitable said the vicepresident of a Vadapalanibased firm.