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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
words meaning in tamil is வார்த்தைகள்

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The new Conservative Party leader David Cameron has invoked the words of Mahatma Gandhi to rally his demoralised troops in his campaign to persuade the party to accept change. However Postal MasterGeneral B.V. Sudhakars words defy the myth prevalent among the majority of the youngsters. Our greatest tragedy is that few people today are ready to abide by the words of great souls. Pointing out that Swami Vivekananda had also called for a manmaking religion Mr. A northern Michigan university has issued its annual list of annoying phrases and words that should be banned from the English language with person of interest and FEMA 151 the acronym for the much criticised federal disaster relief agency 151 among this years winners. The 2006 List of words and phrases banished from the Queens English for misuse overuse and general uselessness was released on Saturday by Lake Superior State University. Among some 800 words banned so far are metrosexual 2004 baby boomers 1989 and dtente 1976. After an exchange of words between students and family members of the warden a few students allegedly misbehaved with women family members. In his bid to modernise Turkey Kemal Attaturk kept religion out of the public sphere outlawed Dervish sects introduced the Latin alphabet purged Arabic and Persian words from Turkish and generally sought to erase any manifestation of an Eastern influence. Some people 151 we did not know who they were 151 penned those words on the banner which was immediately removed after organisers spotted it he said.