wooden meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wooden meaning in tamil is மரத்தாலாகிய

wooden meaning in tamil with example

wooden tamil meaning and more example for wooden will be given in tamil.
The occasional bark of the barking deer the cry of the jackals break the eerie silence of the dark nights instilling a sense of awe among the visitors particularly those staying in the wooden cottages for the first time. The wooden cottages Lopamudra Kannika Brahmagiri Pushpagiri Sujyoti sound apt giving them a revered touch. Inner Wheel Club gesture to school Inner Wheel Club of Visakhapatnam has donated wooden benches to Balavikas child labour school in the Fishing Harbour area on Beach Road as a New Year gift for the children studying there. Khadi silk sarees cotton khadi khadi polyvastra woollen khadi muslin and village industries products such as honey jam pickles steel and wooden furniture and leather goods were displayed in the stalls. Tension prevailed on the premises of the wooden palace at Padmanabhapuram the erstwhile capital of Travancore State after the Kerala police assaulted a tourist from Bihar on Tuesday. She appealed to the President to intervene and direct the authorities of the temple to install wooden ramps for wheelchairs inside the temple and earmark a separate entrance for physically challenged persons. As the wooden flooring in the old building was a cause for the spread of the fire in October 2000 when the GPO was ravaged the flooring of the main public hall was laid using marbles which had a wooden finish. The ornaments would be taken in three wooden boxes to Sabarimala in a traditional procession popularly known as the Thiruvabharanam procession. A 15member team of devotees led by the Guruswami Kochuthundil Bhaskara Pillai will carry the wooden boxes to the Sabarimala Sannidhanam.