womb meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
womb meaning in tamil is கருப்பை, கர்ப்பப்பை

womb meaning in tamil with example

womb tamil meaning and more example for womb will be given in tamil.
However the baby did not survive even a minute outside the womb of 28yearold Ambika a native of Bidar in Karnataka. She said at her hospital here Women preferring to become surrogate mothers are briefed... They are told they will have to hand over the child... In IVF the egg of the biological mother is fertilised with sperm from the father and the embryo is transferred to the womb of the surrogate. The posters explained the causes for high incidence of heart diseases how heart forms in the baby while in the womb and precautions to be taken after birth. The very existence of womanhood would be in danger if the girl child is done away with in the womb itself a resolution noted. To rain or not to rain... this quixotic question looks like being spread all over this womb of rain though the tree prays earnestly stretching up its hands towards the heavens in sorrowful supplication and solitude. The superintendent told them that the woman died due to complications that developed during childbirth and that the child had to be literally pulled out of the womb by force. The operation proves that a womb can safely be removed and stored before being transplanted back into an animal. A patient who received a womb transplant would only have the organ for a maximum of two years having it removed on the birth of the child. This was due to the grace of the celestial sage Narada whose teaching he happened to overhear while in the womb of his mother. Pregnant women who come for regular checkups are now aware about HIVAIDS and also the fact that the child in the womb could be protected from the disease.