within meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
within meaning in tamil is அதற்குள், உள், உள்ளே

within meaning in tamil with example

within tamil meaning and more example for within will be given in tamil.
A good works register would be maintained in all city police stations and those coming within the range. The four LDCs within the SAARC have also to be provided technical assistance by the other three members in training of human resources improvement of the legal system and administration custom procedures and trade facilitation. As Chief Minister he tried to bring the most Backward Castes to the BJP by legislating for a separate reservation for this group within the larger Backward Caste quota. He did not name the exact location but said that it would be within a radius of 25 km from the city. The agitation however tapered off within days with the Chief Minister extended an assurance that the needful would be done. Customs scored both the goals within 12 minutes of the start Senthur scored in the 9th and Jeyakumar in the 12th minutes. Already nearly 300 patients who required palliative care had been identified within the Corporation area. Dikshit the second term as Chief Minister has certainly not been smooth and the infighting and constant bickering within the party has certainly derailed the administrative process affecting decisionmaking in the Government. However division within the dissident ranks helped the Chief Minister who managed to sail through the year exploiting the fluid unity in the rival camp. The State Government can form State Biodiversity Boards SBB and establish Biodiversity Management Committees and both in consultation with the National Biodiversity Authority NBA can decide on issues pertaining to bioresource or related knowledge within their jurisdiction.