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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wilt meaning in tamil is வாடல், வாடு, செழுமை கெடு

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On the final day the Indian pair did make a valiant attempt but the gap of seven was just too much to make and Rodgers did not wilt under the pressure of a big lead. The committee wanted the Government to assist coconut farmers by initiating measures to combat the beetle pestmandari bud rot root wilt besides natural calamities and drought. Coconut development would get Rs.10.23 crores under a scheme with the Central Coconut Development Boards assistance to tackle root wilt disease distribution of quality saplings integrated manuring and improvement of facilities. He said that scientists ought to carry out resistance breeding work in collaboration with other coconut research stations in view of the entry of eriophyid mite and wilt pests from Kerala into Tamil Nadu. Integrated approach such as pest and nutrient management and adoption of appropriate cropping system were necessary to save coconut groves from root wilt disease a nonlethal but debilitating malady that affected more than four lakh trees in Tamil Nadu. This was highlighted at a seminar on integrated management of root wilt disease in coconut organised by the Coconut Development Board CDB and Department of Agriculture here on Wednesday. We cannot eradicate the wilt completely but can control it. Uneconomical palms yielding less than 10 nuts a palm a year deceased palms in prebearing stage and palms with advanced stage of disease should be removed. The intensity of Prahladas faith that did not wilt at the most fearsome threats and tests or the humble devotion of Hanuman stand as extraordinary examples of Bhakti serving to inspire humility and devotion.