widget meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
widget meaning in tamil is நிரல் பலகை

widget meaning in tamil with example

widget tamil meaning and more example for widget will be given in tamil.
And as a consequence the evergrowing widget gallery httpwww.widgetgallery.com is currently packed with tens of thousands of widgets. Like its desktop counterpart a webbased widget too performs certain specified functions such as displaying weather conditions newsfeeds and the like. Many online services provide widget codes to directly access their services from other web pages like the cartoon widget hosted here httpwww.gapingvoid.comwidget. Once installed on your web page this widget automatically makes each of your site visitors a member of your Meebo buddy list. Now whenever you are online and loggedin to your Meebo account anyone visiting your blogsite can contact you directly through the Meebo Me widget installed on your blog. For instance a teacher can introduce this widget into her blog and use it to chat with her students. The Browse Inside widget is the most recent marketing tool we have developed using the capabilities of our digital warehouse to market our titles to the MySpace generation online a spokesperson for HarperCollins said. For instance the widget Simply Hired httpwww.springwidgets.comwidgetsview47 could come in handy for job hunters. The AnswerTips httpwww.answers.commainanswertips.jsp the widget from the famous online answer service Answers.com helps you enrich your site with this feature. Once this widget is embedded on your web page a visitor can check the meaning of any term by just doubleclicking on it. The SkypeMe widget httpwww.widgetbox.comwidget skype developed for showing your Skype status on a web page is a good one.