whereby meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
whereby meaning in tamil is எவ்வாறு, எதனாதல், அதனால்

whereby meaning in tamil with example

whereby tamil meaning and more example for whereby will be given in tamil.
The Readers Editor can refer to the external ombudsman should the newspaper decide to appoint one any substantial grievances or matters whereby The HolyIndias journalistic integrity has been called into question. Sources said that the CPT cited certain rules of the Shipping Ministry whereby port trusts could not hand over land to ventures in which private parties have a majority stake. We are working out a solution whereby the Tourism Department can independently go ahead with the project. The Kathopanishad offers illuminating insights into these matters whereby one can choose the path of liberation from the binding effects of birth pointed out Swamini Satyavratananda in a lecture. It is time a convention was established whereby only apolitical persons are assigned gubernatorial posts. It says it will create a model industrial process whereby Indian workers will be trained and provided with the requisite technology and protective gear in order to safely remove the asbestos on board. IBP Company Limited has launched a prize scheme at select petroleum retail outlets whereby customers can win prizes for purchase of fuel and lubricants. AN election is a decisionmaking process whereby people vote for preferred political candidates or parties to act as representatives in government. Peninsular Capital Market Limited and Motilal Oswal Securities Limited have signed an agreement for a strategic business transfer whereby the capital market operations of Peninsular will be transferred to and managed by MOSL.