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Police said a waterman of Bommanahalli City Municipal Council found the body of Babu a painter lying near a kalyana mantap at Bilekahalli on Monday morning. Ramulu was working as a village waterman and Rajavva was living with the former after giving divorce to her husband Hanumaiah. He spoke about how Lewis Waterman and Frank McNamara thought up the fountain pen and Diners Club credit card respectively following bitter personal experiences. The local population at their wits end over the trouble they brought upon themselves on Thursday held a meeting with Magsaysay award winner and waterman Rajendra Singh at Pawta. The murder of an upper caste waterman responsible for pumping water to drums and buckets by a Dalit group was the immediate provocation for the incident. A waterman attacked Assistant Manager of Anjaneya Swamy temple Sambasivudu with a sickle at Beechupalli in Mahabubnagar district and inflicted a deep injury in the neck on Monday. A waterman and waterwoman in each village would be trained to ensure more crop and income from every drop of water.