wary meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wary meaning in tamil is விழித்திருக்கிற

wary meaning in tamil with example

wary tamil meaning and more example for wary will be given in tamil.
Rajeswar exhorted farmers to purchase inputs having ISI marking and urged them to be wary of spurious seed fertilizers and pesticides lest they should incur heavy losses. Though wary of potential opportunists he said he made his own checks in local police records and found that rapes had been reported. While it has never been admitted by political leaders they were wary of consecrating the statue for what appeared to be sentimental reasons. The coalition Government at the Centre appears to be wary of taking any initiative on Sri Lanka especially because so many of its constituents are from Tamil Nadu. Imran also said the Pakistanis will have to be wary of Irfan Pathan since he can move the ball in the air. Stating that students should be wary of distractions and never lose selfcontrol he said that their focus should always be only on education. The LDF is yet to take a final decision on this issue but the signs of hostility within the front should make the DICK wary of putting all its eggs in one basket. Although Congress MLAs are wary of approaching voters for a second time in two years they are under pressure from a group of legislators who are keen on ending the tieup with the Janata Dal S. Peerless Chappell The host must also be wary of Irfan Pathan who will relish the wintry conditions as much as Shoaib and Sami. Suman said that the private sector was wary of dealing with the Ministry of Defence due to ignorance of policies and procedures. The Brisbane wicket is again expected to be bouncy and suit pace bowling but South Africa remains wary of spinking Muttiah Muralitharan.