warrior meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
warrior meaning in tamil is போர் வீரர்

warrior meaning in tamil with example

warrior tamil meaning and more example for warrior will be given in tamil.
Being a warrior his duty was to wage war to punish those who transgressed Dharma and his deliverance lay in discharging what was expected of him and not taking the easy way out by laying down his arms. Penny Tweedy Dancing Huntress Netor and Air Warrior shone when the horses were exercised here on Friday morning Jan. Officials of the State Information Department said the rehearsal of Zagor Shigmo and other folk dances of the State and festival celebrations including the Bonderam festivals of Divar the Sangodd festival and the warrior dance Ghode Moddni are in full swing. Baghzad Air Warrior and War Head pleased when the horses were exercised here on Wednesday morning Jan. VIDHANA SAOUDHA CUP 1400m rated 20 to 35 5 6yo Amazing Warrior Gold Discovery Greenwich Bambi 53 cd. I thought Well if this is going to continue Ill probably lose and only a miracle is going to save me. But he once a hothead has trained himself to stay calmest amidst everyone elses storm of shots alerting the clearthinking warrior within him. Jockeys for Siberian Warrior 5th race Red Cordon and Maltese Star 6th race will be declared later. 1000m Serious Warrior Koch Glitter As Gold Rajesh Babu 114.5 80058.5 60045.5. They moved well. SETHUNARAYAN MEMORIAL PLATE 1400m rated 20 to 35 Whisper City Inner City Westlem Whisper 59 Srinath 1 Cellisima 54 Gallagher 2 Amazing Warrior 58 cd. LOYAL PRINCE PLATE 1400m 151 Cat IV 5yo over rated upto 25 Chalukya AjaadEver Ahead 60 Sequeira 1 Continuity 58 Chary 2 First Warrior 60 cd 58.5 Qazafi 3 Gran Canaria 58 cd 54.5 A.