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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wardrobe meaning in tamil is அலமாரி, உடைப் பெட்டி, ஆடைகள் வைக்கும் இடம்

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You can pick up a crispy cotton saree salwaar kameez or skirt from the lot in your wardrobe and become a cynosure of the gathering. It will be marketed as a changing wardrobe with emphasis on summer and beach wear says Noorel Mecklai of EXWA who will be taking the lungi Down Under. A wardrobe door takes them to a snowy world where trees conspire jackals stand guard and a goatman is there too. The magical world of Narnia created by C.S. Lewis will enslave Chennai this weekend as the Oscarnominated The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe comes alive at Sathyam Cinemas and schools around the city. Visitors to Sathyam seemed to fancy the mini set the larger than life wardrobe with a door that leads to the cold frozen woods of Narnia complete with the lamppost and snow. However before we all reach for a pair of Crimplene slacks it is worth bearing in mind that conventional synthetic fibres are hardly wardrobe paragons either. Your first suit may have been made with light wool blend and you will go back to it because it is still in your wardrobe after seven years. From reservation to violent crime against women and even wardrobe malfunctioning there are endless burning problems and now Radio Mirchi is offering its listeners the rare opportunity to be heard on its programme Hello Delhi Sab Deewaren Tod Do. Saidulu working for pharmaceutical distributor Krishnamoorthy at Gandhinagar allegedly stole the money from a wardrobe when the inmates were away. The models would display the summer wardrobe collection which would be the focus of the entire show.