wand meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wand meaning in tamil is மந்திரக்கோல்

wand meaning in tamil with example

wand tamil meaning and more example for wand will be given in tamil.
While Harry Potters phenomenon might be well established he is now waving his wand to capture a larger audience. The onebysix scheme introduced with great fanfare as a magic wand to bring in more people into the income tax net is now to be abandoned on the reasoning that it has outlived its utility. Though we do not have a magic wand to bring about sweeping changes overnight we do have the sincerity and commitment to fulfil the promises made in the run up to elections he noted. While 1730911 chlorine tablets wand 7884 ORS packets were distributed to prevent disease the Minister said for creating awareness about disease 43369 handbills 1208 posters and 3767 stickers were distributed. Nannu might have waved a magic wand judging by the swift invite from the Food and Civil Supplies office where officers fussed over him gave him tea 151 and his ration card. No one cared to give a thought about it till such time when the Government wielded its wand to make helmetwearing a mandatory from June 1. I didnt possess any magic wand to spirit away all the difficulties in three years time she said while affirming that funds would not be a constraint when it came to helping farmers.