waistline meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
waistline meaning in tamil is இடுப்பு, நாரரி

waistline meaning in tamil with example

waistline tamil meaning and more example for waistline will be given in tamil.
She shows two left legs on the dance floor and a waistline with the elasticity of steel in front of Hrithik who the way he dances runs and somersaults leaves you wondering if he were born off elastic. The solar system is a middleaged star and like all middleaged things its waistline is expanding said Jack Horkheimer director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium in the U.S. and host of Public Broadcastings Stargazer television show. The 8090 campaign relates to parameters needed for wellness such as an 80 cm or 90 cm waistline for women and men respectively.