wager meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wager meaning in tamil is பந்தயம், பந்தயப் பொருள், பிணை

wager meaning in tamil with example

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But theyd rather stuff India versus Pakistan down our throats till we cry no mas no mas. Forty years from now Id wager the World Cup will be held every two years. Ledley King for instance was pencilled in for defensive midfield duties at one stage but the manager was not prepared to wager on him recovering from injury. NANDA DEEP TROPHY Div..II 1200m Maiden 3yo only Terms Bravissima Placerville Innocent Pleasures 54.5 M.Narredu 1 Boss Elements 54.5 Baandal 2 Major Wager 56 Shelar 3 and Dance Diva 54.5 I.Shaikh 4. Mahesh Major Wager Shelar 124 60042.5. Former strode out well while the latter was pushed to finish level. BLUEFOLDS AUGUST HANDICAP 1400m 3yo only rated 20 to 50 Patroclus Diffident Quickshine 56 Rupesh 1 Boss Elements 54.5 cd 53 Baandal 2 Bravissima 59 Kamlesh 3 and Major Wager 53.5 Aadesh 4. GLASNOST PLATE 1600m Maiden 3yo only Somethingabouther Local TalentSomething Beautiful 54.5 Ruzaan 1 Major Wager 56 Appu 2 Mr. It is well settled that there is no right vested in any daily wager to seek regularisation which can only be done in accordance with the rules and not de hors the rules. RAMNIWAS RAMNARAIN RUIA GOLD CUP 2000m 4yo only Southern Empire PlacervilleStunning 57 B.Prakash 1 Rococo 57 McCullagh 2 Major Wager 57 Belose 3 and Red Apache 57 M.R.Singh 4. According to the police Shobha wife of daily wager Sanjay gave birth to a boy at the hospital on Sunday. ROCK OF GIBRALTAR PLATE 1600m rated 40 to 70 Royal Flash C.S. Jodha 1 Major Wager Merchant 2 World War Three M.