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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
wage meaning in tamil is ஊதியம், சம்பளம்

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Criticising female infanticide she called upon the Jain women to wage a sustained fight against this antilife practice in society. Kumar though the agreement was reached in February last year it was yet to be implemented in the cooperative and public sector mills while private sugar mills had already adopted the new wage structure. The complaint of the protesters is that while the affluent residing in pucca houses are benefited daily wage earners living in ramshackle dwellings are neglected. Lokesh son of Ravi and Surekha daily wage earners has a congenital problem due to which his body cannot generate blood and is dependent on monthly transfusions. Daily Le Monde without citing sources reported the plan would index companies health care fees family allocations and other state charges on corporate profits not the total wage bill 151 as is currently the case. The CITU State Mahasabha slated to be held here from January 5 to 8 would deliberate on workers right to wage strike injustice to working classes and agitations by unorganised labour LIC union divisional general secretary B.V.S. Raju said. Speakers said that making weavers pay the premium would be a burden as a majority of them were working for less wage due to crisis in the sector. The first is the allegation that about 110 workers were illegally dismissed after they protested for not being paid the minimum wage and overtime. She said she would appeal to the State Government to provide foodgrains to the daily wage workers until alternative arrangements are made.