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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
vested meaning in tamil is தனியான, பொருந்திய, அமைந்த, உடுத்த

vested meaning in tamil with example

vested tamil meaning and more example for vested will be given in tamil.
He said that while using his powers vested under Section 7 of the Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Act he ordered for a rectification in the counting of votes. 1 of 1964 the Supreme Court of India while negativing the contention that all powers and privileges of the House of Commons vested in the legislatures under Article 194 3 said that some such as the privilege of regulating its own constitution by necessary implication did not. He said religious fundamentalists and politicians were disturbing the peace of the nation as they were promoting their own personal agenda and were selfcentred pursuing their own vested interest. In his discourse Swami Gautamananda said it was God who vested every individual with the notion of free will. However there were vested interests behind the Directorate of Medical Educations and the Governments disinterest in implementing the residency system they said in a statement here on Monday. Condemning the BJP leaders remarks Mr Karma appealed the people not to fall prey to the designs of vested interests to disturb peace harmony and brotherhood in Bastar region. After the formation of Chhattisgarh he said some vested interests had tried to fan regional and casteist feelings but they did not succeed as the people understood their designs. It should inquire just how much he discounted the mass of intelligence that came in from the Iraqi National Congress 151 a body that had a vested interest in removing Saddam from power. Justice Verma said accountability must be comprehensive to include not only politicians but also bureaucrats judges and everyone vested with public power.