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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
utterance meaning in tamil is சொல், பேச்சு, அறிக்கை, கூற்று

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151 That the phrase I gave 100 per cent takes a holiday for it is the most overworked utterance in sport still at least it makes sense. A monk should be able to purify others around like water by his mere glance touch or utterance of his name. Not half 4 5 Gratify the German with a tax identification first 6 6 Escape with a lewd utterance 5 7 Sign up volunteers at home to provide amusement 9 8 Battery of an uninteresting kind. The only utterance repeatedly made by witnesses on the conspiracy charge is retaliation which the prosecution has chosen to infer as violence he said. It was in order to substantiate the utterance of a sterling devotee like Prahlada that the Lord then manifested as Narasimha. The public outcry and the vociferous protests of lawyers across the State over the indiscreet utterance of Electricity Minister Arcot N.