utilize meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
utilize meaning in tamil is உபயோகி, பயன்படுத்து, பயன்படச்செய்

utilize meaning in tamil with example

utilize tamil meaning and more example for utilize will be given in tamil.
Project Director of DRDA Kumaraswami said that DWCRA groups in Rajahmundry urban area would have to utilize Indiramma pathakam to get loans at 25 paise interest. The meeting also announced the release of additional Rs 80 crore to deal with the flu outbreak and asked the States to utilize their resources to prevent the spread of disease. Speaker Sir As I said at the outset our approach is defined by the need to utilize the window of opportunity before us to find a solution to our energy deficit. People residing in these areas can utilize cell services without any interruptions now the GM said. Implementation is the process by which you successfully gain and utilize job search skills including resume writing interviewing and networking skills to obtain employment in the career field of your choice. The loss of Sachin Tendulkar due to injury will continue to hamper the Indians but the guy replacing him must try and utilize this opportunity. Rajagopal said the current chance was a golden opportunity for the company to return to its heydays and the workers and management were eager to utilize it. Malliga carried out experiments in different dimensions both in laboratory and fields to utilize solid waste coir pith as carrier material for cyanobacteria. Surya Rao said that teachers and managements of the school should utilize all the facilities and benefits being offered by the government for overall development of students. The Minister said the Karunanidhi government had launched many welfare schemes and the people should utilize these for their benefit.