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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unwise meaning in tamil is விவேகமற்ற, புத்தியில்லாத

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Here again it is probably unwise to expect miracles in the form of a quantum jump in governance standards immediately. Lord Krishna explained this to Arjuna while emphasising the need to engage in action by pointing out that the man who is unwise acted with attachment to the result while the Jnani engaged in action without attachment for the maintenance of order in the world. Laffaire Buta fitted well into what is becoming a pattern hastily do the unwise and delay doing the wise. However since this bred plutonium is intended to fuel future breeders it would be unwise to keep all of it for strategic use. TP was guilty of a poor shot when not required while Praveen attempted a predetermined but an unwise stroke only to be foxed by legspinner Amit Mishras faster one. However this was an unwise step for Mahatma Gandhi himself had cautioned against it saying that import of agriculture amounted to import of unemployment. It is clearly unwise to push Hamas into a corner but Israel and its allies might be hoping that the preemptive sanctions will create a situation in which President Abbas can use his constitutional powers to dismiss the Haniya government. South set a target of 311 indulged in some unwise innovations in the batting order and paid dearly for its follies. Chidambaram said it would be unwise to starve them of credit. Addressing Karnataka Chief Minister H. D. It will be unwise to oppose Metro just because some private property has to be taken over and some businesses relocated.