until meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
until meaning in tamil is வரை, வரைக்கும், இல்லாத வரையில்

until meaning in tamil with example

until tamil meaning and more example for until will be given in tamil.
Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy waived interest on house tax until March 2006 the third waiver in a year which was unprecedented Ms. Forecast Valid until Monday morning Isolated light rain is likely to occur over Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. The coach can be certain of being a part of the team until the World Cup but it remains to be seen if Ganguly can sustain that long. The Collector urged the TDP leader to wait until he received the communication or till he obtained legal opinion. In fact these proposals were first initiated in August 2003 but concerted opposition from companies and industry level organisations made the SEBI defer implementation until April 1 2005. Article 194 3 in the case of State legislatures and Article 1053 in case of Parliament in effect give them the powers privileges and immunities that the British House of Commons enjoyed at the commencement of the Constitution in 1950 until they are defined by these legislatures. He found the site was using two persistent cookies that would not expire until 2035 well beyond the life of most computers. The city began limiting the size of events there in 1997 but a move to formalise the limit did not take place until 2004. Forecast Valid until Tuesday morning Isolated rain is likely to occur over coastal Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. In the wake of the Corporations decision to scrap the awarded tenders the contractors said they will not execute clearance work until the contractual amount is increased. We hope the drive will carry on until all encroachments and unauthorised constructions in other places also brought down with an iron hand and those responsible for the ordeal the citizens of the city had to undergo for weeks together are brought to book and punished.