unqualified meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unqualified meaning in tamil is தகுதியற்ற

unqualified meaning in tamil with example

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Most of the 35000strong workforce of technicians in private medical laboratories across the State has been rendered unqualified with the Government promulgating an Ordinance on paramedics. A year after French President Jacques Chirac tried to shelve the services directive 151 amid fears that France would be swamped by unqualified Polish plumbers 151 MEPs on the Centre Right and Centre Left joined forces to pass a watered down version. Doctors will have problems in properly diagnosing patients if unqualified people are allowed to attest the laboratory results. But even in the U.S. ostensibly very like Britain I found myself unqualified to make those judgments and it was rather thrilling seeing things without the usual filter of prejudice or certainty. Further it raises disturbing questions as to how such unqualified persons were able to run clinics in the heart of the town despite vigil by law enforcers and official machinery. For recipient countries such as India although it is beginning to emerge as a major investor abroad as well it is no longer a simple matter of giving an unqualified welcome to all types of FDI. An acute shortage of doctors and lack of medicines in the primary and subhealth centres have been the main reason for the growth of such unqualified medical practitioners who are available roundtheclock. A Division Bench of the High Court on Monday made it clear that packing of food items in plastic bags was a prohibited activity and directed the association of plastic bag manufacturers to publish an unqualified apology for issuing an advertisement that did not reflect the correct position.