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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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The final countdown to the brand New Year might stretch a second longer but unlike the gloomy end to last year owing to the tsunami tragedy the Capital this time round was in a mood to celebrate. What hits the country hardest is the fact that unlike in developed countries developing countries have been slow to establish any substantive measures to tackle the problem. Year 2005 the boom is back and it is a real and stable one unlike the earlier one says Yusuf Mehdi Senior VicePresident MSN Microsoft Corporation. She said that unlike in other countries cancer is not considered or treated as another disease in India as a person afflicted with the disease is written off. Officials here said Indias comment on happenings in Balochistan was not unjustified since Pakistan also keeps on talking about situation in Jammu and Kashmir although no human rights violations are taking place there from the government side unlike in Balochistan. It is a holistic medicine unlike in Allopathy where every part of the body needs to be attended to separately and also requires different varieties of drugs that negatively affect an individual. Northern Areas was part of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir but after partition was made part of Pakistan unlike Pak occupied Kashmir PoK. Under the provisions of the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities Prevention Act a confession is admissible unlike under the Indian Penal Code. Ramakrishna Rao pointed out that though Buddhism did not believe in the concept of soul and its permanent nature unlike the Hindu philosophy it accepted that something stayed behind after death apart from mere extra sensory perceptions.