uniform meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
uniform meaning in tamil is ஒன்றுருமம்

uniform meaning in tamil with example

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Of his expectations he felt that introduction of a uniform civil code might be considered from the human rights angle though not from the political angle and it would stand to benefit human rights. Addressing presspersons he said it is not possible to take any policy decision in the matter as the results in these panchayat elections are not uniform all over the State. Other suggestions included staggered timings for business houses and educational institutions different weekly offs in different places instead of uniform Sunday introduction of luxury coaches to places like Madhapur to wean away twowheeler and fourwheeler drivers etc. Addressing presspersons here on Monday officebearers of the federation including its honorary president Srikanta Murthy and general secretary K.S.N. Dikshit said the Government should have studied the issue in detail and consulted experts before enacting uniform rules. Australian dollar deposits will carry a uniform interest of 5.41 per cent for amounts deposited for one year and any longer duration up to four years. Licensing system To ensure that the policy was full fledged the system of licensing should be made uniform in all the states he said. A decision on whether to maintain different road levels near Subash Chandra Bose statue or make it uniform is yet to be taken. Those in uniform were there to clear the residents doubts and explain the various equipment used in law and order maintenance. It has also been planned to involve women Self Help Group members for door to door solid waste collection provide them uniform for easy indentification.