unhealthy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unhealthy meaning in tamil is ஆரோக்கியமற்ற

unhealthy meaning in tamil with example

unhealthy tamil meaning and more example for unhealthy will be given in tamil.
Expressing fears that the demolition of the Devaraja Market would set an unhealthy precedent that could not be reversed Dr. He said the DMK was trying to set a very unhealthy precedent in Tamil Nadu by trying to create another power centre in the State by using its presence in the Central Government. The amendments have also narrowed down the unhealthy trend of vexatious appeals against the judges verdict. A reading exceeding 100 is considered unhealthy for sensitive groups such as those having lung diseases. Announcing the details at a press conference here on Sunday Minister for Education E.T. Mohammed Basheer said changes made to the festival manual were expected to reduce unhealthy competition among students and parents the norm till last year when the event was known as school youth festival. An AQI ranging from 201 to 300 indicating very unhealthy air quality is symbolised by purple while AQI ranging from 301 to 500 indicating hazardous air quality is indicated by maroon colour. But even those who pity the loss of that something admit that the school fete has been safeguarded from unhealthy practices that crept in it. Our major concern is to check unhealthy competition among children and to cut cost of holding the festivals on such grand scale which often tend to be ostentatious says Education Minister E.T. Mohammed Basheer. This unhealthy trend if allowed to continue would fuel unemployment severely affect overall economy of the State and completely nullify the States efforts to be among the top industrially advanced States attracting industrial investments in the country he claimed.