unfounded meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unfounded meaning in tamil is உறுதியற்ற, பொய்யான, ஆதாரமற்ற

unfounded meaning in tamil with example

unfounded tamil meaning and more example for unfounded will be given in tamil.
Rajyalakshmi has asserted that notwithstanding the unfounded criticism being levelled against the Government by certain Opposition parties the administration will go ahead with welfare programmes for members of the weaker sections. In true democratic fashion the Speaker protected the right of each member to voice his or her views though he was quick to intervene when tempers rose to flash point over sweeping remarks or unfounded allegations. Of late accused in sex scandals and those charged with harassing women have been alleging that the media is levelling unfounded accusations against them. The Chief Minister asked the task force to educate the public about the facts and dispel the unfounded doubts among them. The industry along with the Government must rise to the occasion and allay unfounded fears about the safety of eating chicken and eggs outside the area. Vasundhara Sirnate Berkeley California It is time narrowminded jingoists shed their unfounded inhibitions and supported the ManmohanBush dialogues which have the potential of heralding a glorious chapter in Indias march to becoming a world power. The students going to strike by raising an unfounded allegation were showing injustice to other students by disrupting their studies it said. Despite its advantages irradiation has not gained widespread acceptance because of unfounded apprehensions. Jhingan said this issue can only be addressed through a mass movement or campaign for creating awareness about the same and dispelling wrong and unfounded notions and belief which complicate matters.