unfortunately meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unfortunately meaning in tamil is துரதிஷ்டவசமாக

unfortunately meaning in tamil with example

unfortunately tamil meaning and more example for unfortunately will be given in tamil.
It is unfortunately true that many laws are unjust but are nonetheless part of our law to be observed and analysed. But unfortunately three senior journalists missed out on the action only because a police officer Inspector Giri Raj who was manning the VIP Gate did not know that the invitations issued by Max Mueller Bhavan with holograms were as good as tickets. Had the Railway Recruitment Board been in HubliDharwad we would have fought for justice but unfortunately it is in Bangalore where no one is bothered about the plight of Kannadigas he added. But unfortunately a mob said to be belonging to a human rights forum stormed into the ward and abused and assaulted doctors and other staff charging that the treatment was not satisfactory said Dr. K. Archery is part of Indian culture and history but unfortunately others are dominating the sport he averred. When the position is as stated above your reporter has unfortunately tried to give the impression that it was our leader who spoke in a manner not in keeping with the conventions of the Assembly and therefore her remarks were expunged. He said that people had unfortunately left the entire initiative for development on the Government assuming that it was the Governments responsibility to solve all their problems. But unfortunately reasons known to the officials concerned a stretch of two km between Kakkampadi and Pelathur had not been laid till today. The rest of the demand is met by private the sector who unfortunately are not able to adhere to quality standards Mr.