unforgiving meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unforgiving meaning in tamil is மன்னிக்கும் குணமில்லாத, பிழை பொறுக்காத

unforgiving meaning in tamil with example

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Although the state of being homeless presents an undeniably harsh and unforgiving reality for anyone especially during the winter months the report states that it is women and children who tend to experience more acutely the adverse impacts of the lack of adequate shelter. Knowing fully well that cricket is a fickle mistress we will be terribly unforgiving of our cricket heroes. Although the opposition BJP has decided to turn the heat on the Sheila Government on the issue of PAC report on privatisation of power and ongoing demolitions in the Capital the Nationalist Congress Party legislator Ramvir Singh Bidhuri has also been unforgiving in his attack on the ruling party. The irony was difficult to miss Diplomatic India with a direct stake in world affairs wanted to pursue a U.S. policy uncluttered by the superpowers unforgiving conduct in Afghanistan Iraq etc. Jeffers a leader with the Industrial Areas Foundation IAF who moved from New Orleans to Houston after Katrina schlepped through the unforgiving Houston heat distributing food and signing up evacuees for their absentee ballots. A robot that resembled a giant stapler never got off the ground and another robot flung itself straight into the unforgiving wall of the building and then fell motionless to the ground. This demonstration of courage empathy and fellow feeling is all the more remarkable in a metropolis whose 18 million residents must desensitise themselves to survive against failing infrastructure strained amenities official indifference and an unforgiving pace of life.