unfair meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unfair meaning in tamil is அநியாயமான, நியாயமற்ற, ஒழுங்கீனமான

unfair meaning in tamil with example

unfair tamil meaning and more example for unfair will be given in tamil.
Thulasi Reddy lamented that traders resorting to adulteration of commodities and unfair practices were causing loss to consumers. The failure in Hong Kong to achieve anything like a positive outcome for developing countries was a big blow given that the huge costs of unfair trade dwarf the pocket money deals on debt and aid. Many areas that belonged to Karnataka were claimed by neighbouring States and it is unfair for them to demand some more areas. Class action complaints before consumer fora are important tools for consumers to check anticompetitive and unfair trade practices. The demands included cancellation of unfair transfers withdrawal of disciplinary actions on flimsy charges against organisation leaders and sanctioning of overtime allowance for additional work among other things. It is most unfair to the citizens of Chennai says Shobha Iyer coordinator of Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group. Flip side Others who find the semester system unfair to students include Progressive Democratic Students Union state member Poola Nagaraju. To prevent the litigants from resorting to unfair means for delaying hearings the authorities have specified that cases will be posted yearwise. The assertive new generation leadership in Iran is also less likely to accept an unfair compromise with the west. Affidavit After submitting an affidavit in this regard she appealed to the forum to initiate appropriate action to stop such unfair trade practices by the manufacturer. Fair decision Sir 151 It is unfair to criticise Governor T.N. Chaturvedi for giving a week to Chief Minister N.