unequal meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unequal meaning in tamil is இணையில்லாத, சமாணமில்லாத, ஒவ்வாத, ஒப்புமை இல்லாத

unequal meaning in tamil with example

unequal tamil meaning and more example for unequal will be given in tamil.
More instructively he remains the only leader to have ascended the Delhi gaddi without ever having championed the cause of the poor a prerequisite in our inherently unequal and iniquitous society. The SSIs were being made to compete on an unequal field and as most of them were also suppliers to government departments and undertakings the volatility in prices would affect their purchases too he said and called for an end to speculative trading in commodities. It will never accept that citizens live separately with different opportunities and with unequal futures. It is at the same time an acknowledgment that the pursuit of globalisation with the aid of political and economic clout of the developed world cannot deliver results if the realities of the highly diversified and unequal status of national economies are ignored. Stressing on the aspect of quality he said quality was a luxury in a country where there was unequal distribution of resources. Is the Government willing to proceed with a deal in which the other party openly insists on India accepting unequal terms. Presiding over the function Sridhar Rao judge Karnataka High Court said unequal economic position is the root cause for the clashes between upper and lower classes. So it is beneficial to cooperate but such cooperation should be between equal partners and not between unequal partners. Rethinavelu said Tamil Nadu was the only State which is yet to fix a deadline for implementation of VAT and hence the traders here were forced to face an unequal competition with their counterparts in other parts of the country.