unemployment meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unemployment meaning in tamil is வெலையில்லாத நிலை, உத்தியோகமின்னை

unemployment meaning in tamil with example

unemployment tamil meaning and more example for unemployment will be given in tamil.
The association said that they were making the demand in view of the acute unemployment problems faced by the State. The deterioration of educational standards and rise in unemployment are due to this administrative lapse. Chief Minister Oommen Chandy has said that the State Government planned to implement new projects in agriculture and animal husbandry sectors despite financial crisis to address the problems of poverty and unemployment in the State. The officers need to be careful in the execution of the scheme as the act clearly pronounces that the eligible workers if not showed the work within 15 days of their appeal for work would have to be given unemployment compensation till work was provided. Owing to globalisation awareness on education rapidly growing communication and unemployment in the rural areas many from the rural areas were migrating to the city where the facilities were grossly inadequate. As if to prove the point Argentina last week cancelled its 9.8 billion debt facility with the IMF symbolically and effectively liberating itself from IMFimposed constraints that many see as responsible for a long economic malaise that ended in massive unemployment and rocketing poverty. Today even if poverty and unemployment rates remain worrying and inflation doubled to 12 per cent last year on the streets of Buenos Aires glum faces and empty pockets have been replaced by broad smiles and runaway spending boosted by healthy investment and a surge in tax receipts. Former Railway Minister and senior Congress leader C.K. Jaffer Sharief said that instead of pressing for one more law the Centre should address issues of poverty illiteracy and unemployment among the minorities.