unemployed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unemployed meaning in tamil is வேலையற்ற, வேலையில்லாதவர்

unemployed meaning in tamil with example

unemployed tamil meaning and more example for unemployed will be given in tamil.
To highlight their plight a British newspaper on Monday published a photograph of unemployed overseas doctors queuing up outside Sri Mahalakshmi temple in East London for free meals. They had hoped to find jobs after passing the Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board Test PLAB 151 a mandatory requirement for all immigrant doctors 151 but most of them are still unemployed months after passing the test. He said in a press release on Monday that along with the applicants who had already applied unemployed youth who wish to apply afresh could also approach the following offices with original certificates and application form. Singh said that under the scheme unemployed educated local youth would be appointed as CPOs and would don a blue uniform. Payroll tax on employers was being suggested as a measure to fund the schemes the Government has for social security especially for the unemployed and unorganised workers. Bardhan said students should keep themselves posted about the countrys political developments with particular reference to the role of the Left in defending the rights of the working people unemployed and the deprived sections. Though she expressed happiness over the eclipse of terrorism in Punjab she struck a note of caution that the swelling population of the unemployed youth 151 45 lakhs according to her 151 might take unpleasant twists in the absence of steps to provide employment. Educated unemployed youth in the age group of 1835 years with a minimum qualification of VIII standard will be eligible to join the programme.