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A similar trend is witnessed with regard to the mortality rate of children under five underweight children children and women with anaemia. After delivery due to underweight of the children The children were found to be underweight and kept in the incubator for two months. It says 1.7 million children will still be underweight unless rate of reduction of underweight children is stepped up from 1.7 per cent to 2.2 per cent. My alltime favourite character is Obelix but I am too underweight to play him. Unlike young men his age he enjoys opening letters sent in the good old envelopes and hates email. While the GDP of the developing countries increased by three per cent a year during the 1990s the proportion of underweight children decreased only by 1.7 per cent. One out of every three adult women is underweight and therefore at risk of giving birth to lowweight babies. Unless efforts are greatly stepped up the country is unlikely to meet one of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals 151 halving the number of underweight children by 2015. He said though India was being hailed the world over as an emerging economic power nearly 40 per cent of the babies born were underweight and the malnutrition in certain pockets of the country was even worse than some of the SubSaharan African nations. By contrast India reached selfsufficiency in grain production years before China following the Green Revolution of the 1970s but even today it is home to 35 per cent of all underweight children in the world.