underwear meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
underwear meaning in tamil is உள்ளாடை

underwear meaning in tamil with example

underwear tamil meaning and more example for underwear will be given in tamil.
It contained at least 27 dead men 151 most of them in their underwear 151 in Kamaliyah a mostly Shia east Baghdad suburb said an Interior Ministry official. The magistrate ordered the underwear be stored separately in order to avoid it being confused as a personal belonging of the accused. Later Cervelli was acquitted by the High Court after his lawyer argued that the underwear presented as evidence in the trial court was small and could not have been be worn by the accused at the time of his arrest. Jayamohan filed a petition before the High Court stating that the underwear had been tampered with after it was deposited as evidence. The Forensic Sciences Laboratory FSL Director reported that the underwear was cut and stitched to make it smaller. The court clerk stated that he had given the underwear to one of Cervellis lawyers on August 9 1990 and it was returned on December 5 the same year. Popular brands Explaining the activities of the Guntur Pranganam which has a fullfledged hosiery production unit Ms.Kumari said that the gents underwear was gaining popularity among the customers. The San Francisco group by contrast exempted food essential toiletries such as toothpaste and shampoo underwear and other purchases that fell under the categories of health and safety from their pledge.