undertake meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
undertake meaning in tamil is பொறுப்பெடு

undertake meaning in tamil with example

undertake tamil meaning and more example for undertake will be given in tamil.
If 35 units were shifted out of the city this would not only address the environmental concerns but also would enable them to go for expansion and undertake bigger operations. The objective is to find out the nature and extent of potential of Mesozoic and older rocks which has the relevance in hydrocarbon exploration that is being pursued by Reliance in the KeralaKonkan basin reads the letter written by RIL to the department asking it to undertake this project. Therefore it gives me great happiness that they found a Department of the University of Kerala fit enough to undertake their project. We request the civic authorities to undertake road relaying work and patchwork wherever necessary at the earliest to enable the transport authorities restore full bus services. It is heartening that determined environmental activists notably Greenpeace undertake highprofile campaigns to draw attention to the plight of the whales that are hunted even in protected areas. Enthused by the project the State Government had authorised the Tamil Nadu Minerals TAMIN to undertake mining and drilling work in the villages concerned in 1995. TAMIN in turn had funded Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited MECL to undertake pilot mining and deep drilling in A. The department plans to undertake an extensive exploration in the area soon for further verification and authentication of the evidences unearthed so far. While the officials maintain that upkeep of the causeway is the responsibility of the contractor till the bridge work is completed the refrain of the latter is that the State Government has to undertake repairs of the causeway since it was damaged by the floods.