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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
understand meaning in tamil is புரிந்துகொள்கிறேன், உணர்ந்துகொள்

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Agritraders meet ICICI Bank has as part of an effort to understand the specific needs of agro business organised an agritraders meet here on December 24. Sathya Sai Kovilpatti T.N. I fail to understand what is laudable in Mr. Jwala of Mysore who spoke on the status of Prakrit language said it would make the people study and understand the language in a better manner. Particularly the women should understand that they should not spoil their children by presenting a cell phone he says. If it is an outdoor event one can understand the high ticket rates given the organising costs involved be it for stage lighting or artistes. The example of a bulb glowing because of electricity is apt to understand the working of divine will in human life. He said he had come to know and understand the texture of life in India for it was in many respects similar to the texture of life in Turkey. Both are different forms of art and I understand them and work on them separately in a very clear way. They were at a loss to understand why the MDMK and the PMK apart from some proTamil fringe groups had suddenly started the campaign after keeping a low profile on the issue. It could be a really intriguing experience to understand history if it is presented in an interesting way the Principal of the Kurinji College of Arts and Science K. People should understand the deception of the Congress he said adding that it was known for its opportunistic politics and this was another example of it. Vadivelu Dean Horticulture TNAU said that all those in the mango supply chain ought to exchange ideas so that they could understand one anothers problems and come up with effective action plans.