underneath meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
underneath meaning in tamil is கீழே, அடியில், அடிபாகத்தில்

underneath meaning in tamil with example

underneath tamil meaning and more example for underneath will be given in tamil.
According to the Fire Brigade the other two concrete slabs also fell into the tank trapping the woman underneath it. Devotees have also been directed to keep away from generators used for illumination and to avoid lighting fires near wooden electric posts and underneath low power lines. After breaking into the house and escaping with whatever they could lay their hands upon they would hide the booty underneath the cart and go back to their hideout. Even while reporting issues pertaining to naxalites the media should explore the cause underneath it he appealed. Around halfpast midnight we heard a thunder that was followed by tremors and rumblings underneath our feet. Almost at all times one section or the other of Narwana Road which connects Mother Dairy to the interiors of I.P. Extension at Patparganj in East Delhi lies cordoned off or dug up as the water mains underneath the road keep rupturing at regular intervals. Soil testing samples have also shown presence of sheet rock underneath twin cities which will make it timeconsuming and expensive to burrow as heavy machinery has to be imported explains Hyderabad MRTS Project Director N.V.S. Reddy. Their contention is that the waste energy obtained from the train during the braking process could be converted into useful electrical power by establishing the mechanical arrangement underneath the track. S7 with their heavy luggage and began throwing up the bags on to upper berths or pushing them underneath the lower berths leaving no space for all other passengers even to pass by.