undermine meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
undermine meaning in tamil is குழிபறி, குழிப்பற்

undermine meaning in tamil with example

undermine tamil meaning and more example for undermine will be given in tamil.
In a statement on Sunday night it accused Russia of resorting to blackmail to undermine its economy. Making a mockery of the much talked about demolition drive being conducted by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi in the Capital these days builders property dealers and traders have now joined hands with officials and politicians to undermine the court orders. What I believe does undermine trust among readers listeners or viewers is not the admission of error 151 even when the error is of an extremely serious nature 151 but the discovery or revelation or forced admission of a significant error that has gone uncorrected. The levy of indirect taxes under one head or another might cumulatively affect costs of production and eventually lead to lower consumption of goods and undermine revenue realisation itself. The petitioners said that the technological inputs used to achieve development should not be allowed to undermine the safety and security of human lives. MPs cutting across party lines attacked the reported proposal saying that it would undermine the confidentiality of communication between peoples elected representatives and their constituents. There are enthusiastic calls for strengthening the law enforcement regime possibly advocating greater powers of investigation for the police and intrusive measures such as telephone tapping that undermine privacy. Yediyurappa of attempting to sacrifice the post of the Opposition Leader and undermine it by agreeing to the new arrangement with the Janata Dal S.