underbelly meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
underbelly meaning in tamil is அடி வயிறு

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There is a whole separate world of people without a roof a microcosm of the invisible underbelly of society. Municipal Corporation of Hyderabads ugly underbelly slums was exposed on Tuesday when corporators belonging to all political parties took officials to task for not spending allocated funds for slum development in the last few years. They seemed to have decided that forcing Germany back was the best tactic looking to expose their opponents soft underbelly rather than allowing them to thrive with their lively attack. The arrival of a Tamil family from another part of Sri Lanka opens the underbelly of feudal village life bringing into conflict long established prejudices and customs. The novel which is the second work of the first graphic novelist in the country builds around the myth of Cartaphallus the wandering Jew a timewarped tale that delves into the underbelly of history complete with decadent aristocrats eccentric zamindars psychic cartographers and more. Nevertheless the shocking murder has turned the spotlight on crickets seamy underbelly and raised suspicions that Woolmer was silenced to hush up sensitive information about Pakistans World Cup performance.