uncover meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
uncover meaning in tamil is மூடி / போர்வை நீக்கு, திற, அம்பலப்படுத்து

uncover meaning in tamil with example

uncover tamil meaning and more example for uncover will be given in tamil.
The food inspectors and other staff should conduct regular and surprise checks in hotels schools hospitals and canteens to uncover any instances of food adulteration and if any fault is found take immediate action against those who are behind this. While scholars and academics generate fresh material or uncover new facets about the legendary ruler at a seminar that is now under way in University of Mysore a slice of heritage associated with the ruler is on display at the universitys History Department. The authorities concerned should track down the culprits to uncover the conspiracy of targeting places of worship. Mr. District Collector Premachandra Kurup has disclosed that the inquiry into the recent blast in the Thrissur Pooram fireworks production unit on Thursday last in which seven people were killed will try to uncover the source of chemical explosives for the unit. Now its a matter of pride. Suddenly we knew how scientists feel when they unseal a hidden cave in Indonesia and uncover an entirely new creature. Strengthening of the intelligence network and better coordination among the security agencies were necessary to uncover the terrorists and check such violence. The objective is to malign Pakistan and to cast a shadow on Pakistans efforts to uncover and foil this terrorist plot Ms. Left parties on Saturday condemned the Malegaon bomb blasts and asked the State Government and security agencies to uncover the motives behind the attack and track down those responsible.