uncertainty meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
uncertainty meaning in tamil is ஐயம், தேராமை

uncertainty meaning in tamil with example

uncertainty tamil meaning and more example for uncertainty will be given in tamil.
The activists from the National AntiWar Front took out a candlelight vigil as a restive nation braced itself for uncertainty on the security front. The magnanimous objective of sharing water should be assessed in times of distress. Uncertainty has plagued all irrigation years since 20012002 putting farmers under severe stress. The employees of Great Eastern Hotel GEH who had opted for the early retirement scheme ERS have received payments from the Great Eastern Hotel Authority putting to rest the uncertainty dogging the minds of the employees. An air of political uncertainty hangs over the Palestinian territories with radical Islamic group Hamas posing a serious challenge to the mainstream Fatah party and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas hinting that the parliamentary poll could be postponed. Addressing presspersons here on Monday the uncertainty has worsened after the elections to the zilla and taluk panchayats. This uncertainty over future policy makes the task facing his wouldbe successor Ehud Olmert both daunting and at the same time easier because it leaves wide scope for interpretation. I hope the Government would take an early decision on the issue given the uncertainty over the conduct of the entrance examinations this year Prof. 5 lakhs as it would give relief to the lower rungs of Archakas languishing in uncertainty of livelihood. New Delhi is expected to convey its concerns over unabated crossborder terrorism and emphasise that continuance of terror attacks here could put a cloud of uncertainty on the ongoing peace process..