unbalanced meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unbalanced meaning in tamil is உணர்ச்சி) உறுதியற்ற, பொருளாதாரம்) தளம்பலான

unbalanced meaning in tamil with example

unbalanced tamil meaning and more example for unbalanced will be given in tamil.
In this bad unbalanced situation and with the interference of the west in the affairs of every Arab country especially Syria and Lebanon we can live without any agreement and have a calm for a long time. The world of 2006 seen from the perspective of 10 years ago has a profoundly unbalanced economy high energy prices a volatile Middle East. Certain commitments by the European Union and the United States do go halfway to remedying the unbalanced state of international trade. As for the bilateral Free Trade Agreement FTA proposed by India she said Bangladesh had unbalanced trade with many other countries but that did not become a political issue. Ravi said only people with unbalanced minds could make such harsh statements against the Prime Minister.