unattractive meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unattractive meaning in tamil is கவர்ச்சியற்ற

unattractive meaning in tamil with example

unattractive tamil meaning and more example for unattractive will be given in tamil.
The proliferation of wild plant Solanum Auriculatum has given an unattractive look to Udhagamandalam. This made insurance unattractive and burdensome the farmers said adding that all crops grown in districts should be covered. Leader of the Opposition V.S. Achuthanandan will inaugurate the conference here at 1030 a.m. AKGCT leaders also urged the State Government to save arts and science colleges in the State that had become unattractive owing to wrong policies of the United Democratic Front UDF Government. Further the fact that nearly 51 per cent of the participating ITIs reported underutilisation of seats indicates that the basic industrial trades offered by these institutes are becoming increasingly unattractive in view of their limited scope in terms of creating job opportunities. His approach brings to mind the English miners of yesteryear unstinting cricketers who spent their formative years digging coal an otherwise unattractive activity that prepared them superbly for the rigours of pace bowling. If what one witnesses on Huai Hai road is Chinese communism it is not all that unattractive a proposition. Successive Governments had opined that unattractive pay was the reason for the Health Department failing to attract doctors. We will review the proposal once the scheme is fully operationalised. The scheme would have become unattractive for job seekers in Tamil Nadu Kerala Andhra Pradesh Rajasthan Punjab and Haryana where the minimum agricultural wages were more than Rs 60.