unarmed meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
unarmed meaning in tamil is ஆயுதம் தரிக்காத,நிராயுதபாணி

unarmed meaning in tamil with example

unarmed tamil meaning and more example for unarmed will be given in tamil.
Nine armed platoons seven unarmed units four bands and a platoon of the Mounted Police will take part in the Republic Day parade. Malik continues to be under trial in ten cases of murder including the killing of four unarmed Indian Air Force personnel at Awantipora airbase a fact which has led some to question the propriety of the Prime Minister holding direct talks with him. Devendra Prasad Yadav RJD said the State Government pitted the unarmed tribals against the naxalites with the police taking a backseat. To a query he said that they were unarmed and would sacrifice their lives for the cause of society and development of the villages which has been hampered due to the naxal presence. Human rights groups have demanded that the trainee soldiers who were unarmed when abducted be released immediately. We now have 14000 unarmed aid workers mostly Sudanese in Darfur but only half as many African Union troops on the ground to enforce a failed ceasefire in an area the size of Texas. On May 17 the European Parliament sharply criticised the militant group for attacking a vessel carrying 710 unarmed security force personnel besides members of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission SLMM. During the period the film covers 192021 policemen visited homes in places such as Thurles Cork Upperchurch and Galway and shot or bayoneted their unarmed inhabitants. But what he ought to have said is that those who have taken up arms in the name of a freedom struggle or jihad have no right to wage war against unarmed people.