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அகராதி Tamil Meaning
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You can update your twitter page by visiting it or by sending a tweet a twitter message is also known as a tweet via your IM client or mobile phone. To link your mobile phone with Twitter you need to register the mobile number with Twitter and later send a verification SMS to a number specified by the service. Whenever you wish to send an update with the IM client just click on the twitter buddy and enter the message. It will immediately appear on your twitter page and also automatically prompt the twitter account holders who have agreed to receive your updates your followers. Each of your followers will receive the update on one of her preferred channels IM or mobile phone and also on her twitter page. If you wish to receive updates from a fellow Twitter user with the username her name just send the message Follow hername to the twitter buddy. For example if you are a Twitter user you can integrate your Twitter page like this httptwitter.comjmurali feed on to your Tumblr blog and thereby make all your Twitter updates automatically appear on your Tumblr blog as well.