twenty meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
twenty meaning in tamil is இருபது

twenty meaning in tamil with example

twenty tamil meaning and more example for twenty will be given in tamil.
The ambition is to provide a quality of public services and quality of life comparable to cities in developed economies in the next twenty years. Roy Bose win In the G.K. Sundaram Fast Pairs event which was played in two sessions of 46 deals by twenty four pairs P.K. RoyT. We are also setting up an information centre for a cluster of twenty villages across the country that will be managed by selected and trained youth. The company has taken 90.36 hectares of allegedly nonforest patta land owned by 100 individuals for a period of twenty years for its expansion programme to increase production of aluminous laterite from one lakh to two lakh tonnes per annum. Participants are categorised into three age groups up to ten years up to twenty years and above twenty years. More than twenty people who used to visit the dargah had also reportedly paid rupees twenty lakh through Sarwan to agents Satnam and Dilbagh Singh for going abroad. This policy will seek to promote multipolarity in world relations and oppose all attempts at unilateralism. Twenty months on much has happened to indicate that the Manmohan Singh Government has turned its back on that solemn promise. The programme to commence by April aimed to develop a sense of selfconfidence among the youths of at least twenty villages in the block. Two hundred and twenty students would get their postgraduate degrees while 361 candidates would get their M.Phil degrees. We were always twenty years behind in the agricultural sector. Ms.Gouri said the violent agitations organised by the CPIM in the agricultural sector had discouraged many farmers in the past.