twelve meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
twelve meaning in tamil is பன்னிரெண்டு

twelve meaning in tamil with example

twelve tamil meaning and more example for twelve will be given in tamil.
Thomas Mount Railway Station Subway Alandur side over the bridge and twelve lamp posts six on either side of subway Adambakkam side are not working for the past 15 days. Among them twelve persons were in a chronic stage and they were selected for providing the combined drug therapy at the ART centre. Of the 220 entries received only 32 plays were shortlisted for the competitions that includes twelve playlets ten each poetic dramas and social plays. One year is a long time in cricket and nothing proves this more than the distance covered by India and Pakistan over the last twelve months. After the depot started running buses at every half an hour twelve jeep owners sold away their vehicles. Dhandapani Tourist Officer Thanjavur district said that twelve lakh foreign tourists visited the State during the year 2004 and 330 lakhs domestic tourists travelled in Tamil Nadu. After two inspections by the umpires play finally began at 2.23 p.m. Twelve minutes and a significant dismissal later the cricketers walked away for the last time and the first Allianz Test ended in a draw. Felicitation Twelve former Presidents of the parishad hailing from Karnataka Kerala and Goa will also be felicitated. Say you are 50 for two and need to play the next ten overs for 45 runs with five fours and twelve singles. Prasad said the fielding standards of his wards compared favourably with the levels of international sides. Reported enmity between two families over ownership of twelve trees led to the killing of a father and daughter at Dhobipet village in Ranga Reddy district on Monday.