tumour meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
tumour meaning in tamil is கழலை

tumour meaning in tamil with example

tumour tamil meaning and more example for tumour will be given in tamil.
Raghavulu has successfully removed a massive tumour from my stomach in a bloodless surgery the tumour being Rs. The presence of plants that could be used to treat obesity and in the treatment of tumour and plants known to possess birth control properties lent added significance to the biodiversity programmes in the State he said. The advantage of this modality will help diagnose diseases such as tumour imaging orthopaedics and cardiac and neurological disorders by using the CT scan obtained and at the same time being able to provide functional information about the disease making it a valuable tool for the clinicians. According to a press release from the centre after investigations a tumour in the last trigeminal nerve in the brain was found. A tumour that raised blood pressure to abnormally high and lifethreatening levels in an 18yearold boy has been removed through a laparoscopic procedure at the Kovai Medical Center and Hospital. In adrenal gland A press release from the Hospital said that the boy Saravana Kumar had a rare tumour in the adrenal gland and was admitted to the Hospital with the complaint of high blood pressure. Blood pressure restored The tumour was removed and the blood pressure restored to normal level the release said. Major brain tumour surgeries micro neurosurgery all kinds of spine surgeries and surgery on pituitary tumours were being done here along with total hip replacement and total knee joint replacement surgeries. Though the tumour was slow growing in the initial years it became very aggressive in the past one year.