trustworthy meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trustworthy meaning in tamil is நம்பிக்கைக்குரியவரா

trustworthy meaning in tamil with example

trustworthy tamil meaning and more example for trustworthy will be given in tamil.
In the modern age of mass media in countries ruled by democratically elected governments rather than dictatorships it is often the leader who presents the most appealing positive and trustworthy image to voters who wins the day. Peer reviews on quality of education offered by institutions will be considered trustworthy only if they are done under the supervision and ownership of HEI representatives governments and students. Better known as angaria system in local parlance hawala was once considered a trustworthy mode of money transfer. The outsider however wellmeaning and however trustworthy a traditional ally has no abiding interest in our inclusiveness or democratic resilience. These findings suggest that blogging in India could become the new fourth estate with close to half the respondents believing that blogging content is as trustworthy as those of regular media outlets such as newspapers radio and TV. Also we will be offering them a clean and trustworthy alternative of administration. Delhi Janata Dal Secular president and MLA Shoib Iqbal said the Morcha had also received intent of support from five other political parties. Mala said the evidence tendered by several witnesses was not trustworthy and that the complaints were lodged due to previous enmity. The court further observed that the conclusion arrived at by the lower court was not based on cogent convincing and trustworthy evidence.