trend meaning in tamil

அகராதி Tamil Meaning
trend meaning in tamil is போக்கு, காலப்போக்கு

trend meaning in tamil with example

trend tamil meaning and more example for trend will be given in tamil.
He said that the Government felt that if the downward trend was not arrested buffalo rearing could be totally wiped out in the State.This in spite of the fact that there were several pockets in Kerala which were ideal for buffalo rearing. Changing focus This trend of emerging marketsbased RD labs focusing on Western issues is changing. A gynaecologist of long standing she finds disturbing the trend of many couples after marrying late postponing having children till they are close to 40 and then finding conception difficult. Tiptur taluk Congress leaders have been lobbying for the post on the ground that the taluk played a big role in changing the electoral trend in the district against the Janata Dal S. An independent panel free from being influenced by anyone including the federation is imperative if the disturbing trend of on and offfield fracas like the one witnessed in the recent Nehru memorial tournament is to be contained. He expressed concern over the seed industry being hijacked by multinational companies and described it as trend detrimental to the interests of farmers in the long run. Disappointing trend The trend is very disappointing. Expansion trend The expansion trend in the IT sector has created a demand for technical jobs which will be met by 2011 but the industry faces the prospect of a severe shortage from 2012. Faizur Rahman Chennai Given that the trend of medical tourism is fast catching on and that our Government and media are encouraging privatisation of health care the question that arises is which country will the poor Indian go to for his or her health care needs.